I Don't Take Photographs

Not much interesting shit happens to me but I like to take pictures of other interesting shit.

I don't really have a specific photography niche yet (although I lean towards portraiture) so it's all a bit of a mishmash really...

All the photos on here are specifically mine unless stated otherwise, even the reblogged stuff - I have other tumblrs for different photos and sometimes it's just easier to reblog it than to post it again.

Another note - the photos on this blog are not me, unless tagged 'Self Portrait'. If you want to know who I am, check out the 'Myself' page.

bluhsam asked: Hii! I just wanted to say you have a Great blog! Forever reblog! lol But yeah your blogs amazing and if you are him in those pics, your super freaking cute! <3

Thank you! Haha nah unfortunately it’s not me, it’s my friend Tom, I just use him as a model faaar too much lol! But thank you anyway, I’ll let him know! xxx

andreasjd asked: http://artbyjustus.tumblr.com/post/2744126088/trying-out-some-new-methods-didnt-work-out-too

Here is the illustration. Can't say im too pleased with it, didn't turn out as I wanted too. Well hope it's okey :)

Ahh no it looks great! Thanks for letting me see it ;D xx

I don&#8217;t want to eat a POTATO

I don’t want to eat a POTATO

Guess what&#8217;s next.
Tom and the potato. 

Guess what’s next.

Tom and the potato. 

nomadic-hearts-deactivated20140 asked: Thank you! What inspires you to do photography and when did you start?:)

I started my Photography A Level in September 09, but to say I was enthusiastic about it would be an absolute lie. I liked the first few weeks but then I hated it after that. It was all of the technical and presentation stuff that bugged me, I just wanted to take pictures and be done with it. I’d consider the time I started to actually do photography and enjoy it was sort of April last year. I spent hours in the darkroom because it was an escape from everyone else, and a place I could just sit and watch my creations come to life. That’s what inspires me to do photography - the end product. Looking at a photo you’ve taken and thinking “Hell. That’s a good one.”

I don’t know why I felt this needed an anecdote of my life as a photography student as well as the answer the questions but ah well ;)